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Tips, Tools and Takes on Academics

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May 4, 2021

Meet the Innovation Center

Inspired by Dr. Glenn Carrington, the NSU Innovation Center is a relatively new addition to NSU's portfolio of creative resources for campus and community. In this episode, Ms. Akosua Acheamponmaa, the Center's Director, shares her take on the Center as a tool for entrepreneurs and tips for business and other types of success. 

[ Photo credit: L to R . Ms. Acheamponmaa and Dr. Mebane. Screenshot taken by Dr. Mebane ]

April 27, 2021

Take Two: Intentionality (Again)

This episode features Dr. Mebane and Mr. Watkin's takes on the previous topic of intentionality. Whether you have just completed a semester or your entire degree program, be sure to stay focused on your purpose as motivation for your success.

[ Photo credit: L to R . Mr. Watkins and Dr. Mebane. Screenshot taken by Dr. Mebane ]



April 20, 2021

Be Extra to Finish Strong!

Once again, Dr. Rhonda Fitzgerald shares her takes on how to finish the semester on the right note. Her main advice? Make an extra effort to stay focused and maintain your energy even when you are tired. And, don't forget that good grades require you to study and practice. 

Looking for other tips and tools related to final exams? Search for Dr. Fitzgerald on this site to check out her previous episodes.

[ Photo credit: L to R . Mr. Watkins, Dr. Fitzgerald and Dr. Mebane. Screenshot taken by Dr. Mebane ]

April 13, 2021

Accounting for Success

Join Dr. Mebane and Mr. Watkins as they meet Mr. Clarence Harris to discuss what it takes to succeed in accounting classes and why they are important for (almost) everyone. Mr. Harris' takes on tips and tools reflect his perspective as a CPA, adjunct professor and rapper. Stay tuned after the credits for some awesome bars (IYKYK) about real estate and how they can be used to help students understand technical terms and complex ideas. 

[ Photo credit: L to R: Mr. Harris, Mr. Watkins and Dr. Mebane. Screenshot taken by Dr. Mebane ]



April 5, 2021

Take Two: Dropping Classes

In this next take, Dr. Mebane and Mr. Watkins recommend tips and tools (or resources) for making decisions about dropping a class late in a semester. In sum, consider the consequences, work with your instructor and take steps to avoid the need (as much as possible.)

Dr. Mebane and Mr. Watkins

March 30, 2021

Focus on African American Men and Empowerment

In this episode, Dr. Quincy Dinnerson and Maleik Watkins (NSU junior and podcast co-host) have a candid conversation about challenges African American men face when pursuing higher education and how they can overcome them. Dr. Dinnerson is a professor at the Ethelyn R. Strong School of Social Work at NSU whose research and practice focuses on African American men and their experiences. Dr. Dinnerson and Mr. Watkins are joined by Dr. Mebane (Executive Producer and co-host).


S2 E36 AA Male Empowerment

(photo credit: Dr. Mebane; L to R: Dr. Dinnerson, Mr. Watkins and Dr. Mebane)

March 23, 2021

Celebrate Successful Times, Come On!

Celebrate the one-year anniversary (March 23, 2021) of the Next Up. Student Success! podcast with Dr. Mebane and current co-host - Mr. Maleik Watkins - and former co-host, alum and special guest - Ms.Tresstin White. It's our 54th episode overall, and we are still thrilled to be a resource for students and connection to faculty, staff and students across campus.

Stay tuned for new episodes now posted on #TipsTuesdays. 

March 16, 2021

Spring Forward: Tools (Still) Rule

Thank you to Mr. Theophilus Clark for joining the podcast, again, to showcase tools that students can use to help their success. Whether you are a freshman or senior, learning assistance is readily available for students who are being intentional and proactive with their success. Stay tuned for new episodes now posted on #TipsTuesdays. 

March 9, 2021

5th Week Grades: Check One, Check Two

Yes, it's that time again: 5th week grades check in. Every semester, students are encouraged to review their grades early in the semester so that they can make adjustments in time to make progress. Whether you have a good grade that you want to be better or need to improve to pass a class, listen in for tip and tools to end the semester on the best possible notes...grades. Stay tuned for new episodes now posted on #TipsTuesdays. 

March 2, 2021

Take Two: Self Care Still Matters

As a follow up to our summer self care series, Dr. Burwell joins us again for a reminder of tips and tools for dealing with stress and the pandemic. Dr. Burwell is a longstanding member of the NSU community with a focus on health promotion and reducing health disparities. She has also lead learning communities focused on health since they started on campus year ago. Dr. Burwell is passionate about student support and continuing to help NSU students and our communities. Stay tuned for new episodes now posted on #TipsTuesdays.