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Tips, Tools and Takes on Academics

(sponsored by the Office of Academic Engagement)

September 14, 2021

A Tip Top Tool for All Students: The Writing Center

The NSU Writing Center, located on the first floor of the library, is an important tool for all NSU students (including graduate students) writing about all topics (including creative projects). In this session, you can meet the Director of this Center, Ms. Street, and learn more about their services.

Top tip?

Avoid waiting until the last minute to ask for assistance. Writing consultants can help you from the first to the last stage of your writing, including pre-writing (described in this episode).

Dr Mebane and Ms Street

[ Photo credit: L to R . Dr. Mebane and Ms. Street. Screenshot taken by Dr. Mebane ]

May 11, 2021

Wrap Up and Congratulations!!

May / June is a special time of the year for many college students and their families. In this episode, Dr. Andrea Neal - Associate Vice Provost, Office of Academic Engagement - join Dr. Mebane and Mr. Watkins in congratulating all graduates for their achievements. We BEHOLD your accomplishments and are so proud of you!!

And, if you are not graduating this year, congratulations for ending the semester, and don't forget about all of the academic resources available to you this summer, some of which are featured in this episode (including this podcast).

Stay tuned!

[ Photo credit: L to R . Mr. Watkins, Dr. Neal and Dr. Mebane. Screenshot taken by Dr. Mebane ]

Wrap Up and Congratulations

April 20, 2021

Be Extra to Finish Strong!

Once again, Dr. Rhonda Fitzgerald shares her takes on how to finish the semester on the right note. Her main advice? Make an extra effort to stay focused and maintain your energy even when you are tired. And, don't forget that good grades require you to study and practice. 

Looking for other tips and tools related to final exams? Search for Dr. Fitzgerald on this site to check out her previous episodes.

[ Photo credit: L to R . Mr. Watkins, Dr. Fitzgerald and Dr. Mebane. Screenshot taken by Dr. Mebane ]

April 13, 2021

Accounting for Success

Join Dr. Mebane and Mr. Watkins as they meet Mr. Clarence Harris to discuss what it takes to succeed in accounting classes and why they are important for (almost) everyone. Mr. Harris' takes on tips and tools reflect his perspective as a CPA, adjunct professor and rapper. Stay tuned after the credits for some awesome bars (IYKYK) about real estate and how they can be used to help students understand technical terms and complex ideas. 

[ Photo credit: L to R: Mr. Harris, Mr. Watkins and Dr. Mebane. Screenshot taken by Dr. Mebane ]



March 16, 2021

Spring Forward: Tools (Still) Rule

Thank you to Mr. Theophilus Clark for joining the podcast, again, to showcase tools that students can use to help their success. Whether you are a freshman or senior, learning assistance is readily available for students who are being intentional and proactive with their success. Stay tuned for new episodes now posted on #TipsTuesdays. 

March 9, 2021

5th Week Grades: Check One, Check Two

Yes, it's that time again: 5th week grades check in. Every semester, students are encouraged to review their grades early in the semester so that they can make adjustments in time to make progress. Whether you have a good grade that you want to be better or need to improve to pass a class, listen in for tip and tools to end the semester on the best possible notes...grades. Stay tuned for new episodes now posted on #TipsTuesdays. 

November 15, 2020

Winter Break Writing Prep

One advantage of the pandemic is that students have a longer winter break...more time to work on their writing skills! In this episode, Ms. Theresa Street (Norfolk State University's new Writing Center Director) share tips and tools on fun ways to improve writing, including approaches that are not just about more writing. Tune in and join the #WordOfTheDay challenge (starting December 1)!    

November 8, 2020

Fall Ahead: Finals Prep

It's finals prep time, again. At Norfolk State University, the condensed fall 2020 semester ends in the next few weeks. In this episode, returning guest Dr. Rhonda Fitzgerald, a professor in the Mathematics Department, shares tips on how to #FocusToFinish strong. Whether you have final exams or final projects, her takes on study cycles, how to choose whether or not to take the pass / fail grade option and more are valuable.   

October 18, 2020

Fall Ahead: Bored in the Dorm

Yes, this "Bored in the Dorm" episode was inspired by the "Bored in the House" Tik Tok sensation. Because, one way to thrive in these unique times and circumstances is to have some fun, even when you are focused on your academic success! Because of the pandemic, many students are stuck in their dorms alone to ensure the safety of people around them. Due to the lack of physical interaction that is usually a highlight of a college campus experience, some students are experiencing “cabin fever" or a lack of focus on academics or too much procrastination.  This episode features peer leaders who know a lot about what students on campus deal with and how they can overcome those challenges: resident assistants. Listen in to meet Zoe, Chris, Passion and Shaneen and their tips, tools and takes on preventing and minimizing boredom in the dorms.

NOTE: All of their advice and insights apply if you are bored in the house or apartment, too! 

October 4, 2020

Fall Ahead: More on Mentoring

College students preparing to be professional artists, scholars, business leaders, policymakers, researcher, etc. look for role models who can mentor them as they prepare to work within their particular fields. This episode features Dr. Jason Demeter, an Assistant Professor in the Department of English and Foreign Languages at Norfolk State University. Dr. Demeter was recommended to be a guest by NSU student (at the time), Mikayah Henderson. Ms. Henderson really appreciated Dr. Demeter's Shakespeare class and how he supported her and other students. Using his own experience as a graduate student and passion for helping students as a framework, Dr. Demeter shares his perspective on mentoring and academic success, including tips for finding the right mentor to fit your interest.