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Tips, Tools and Takes on Academics

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April 20, 2021

Be Extra to Finish Strong!

Once again, Dr. Rhonda Fitzgerald shares her takes on how to finish the semester on the right note. Her main advice? Make an extra effort to stay focused and maintain your energy even when you are tired. And, don't forget that good grades require you to study and practice. 

Looking for other tips and tools related to final exams? Search for Dr. Fitzgerald on this site to check out her previous episodes.

[ Photo credit: L to R . Mr. Watkins, Dr. Fitzgerald and Dr. Mebane. Screenshot taken by Dr. Mebane ]

November 8, 2020

Fall Ahead: Finals Prep

It's finals prep time, again. At Norfolk State University, the condensed fall 2020 semester ends in the next few weeks. In this episode, returning guest Dr. Rhonda Fitzgerald, a professor in the Mathematics Department, shares tips on how to #FocusToFinish strong. Whether you have final exams or final projects, her takes on study cycles, how to choose whether or not to take the pass / fail grade option and more are valuable.   

April 19, 2020

Spring Into: Finals Preparation

Preparing for final projects and exams is known to be one of the most stressful times in the semester for students. And, this semester has even more stressors because of COVID-19. This episode is geared to helping students succeed throughout this time. Dr. Rhonda Fitzgerald is an Associate Professor within the Mathematics department at Norfolk State University. Dr. Fitzgerald is a pro at flipping the classroom to teach college students and received her certificate for online teaching in December 2019. Tune into this session for motivation, tips and tools for ending the semester strong!