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Category: Education

Tips, Tools and Takes on Academics

(sponsored by the Office of Academic Engagement)

November 22, 2020

Senior Shout Out and Wrap Up

Congratulations to all seniors graduating from Norfolk State University in 2020, including December graduate Ms. Tresstin White! In this episode, Ms. White shares her take on lessons learned from her NSU experience and special connections with faculty and staff. Dr. Mebane spotlights Ms. White's amazing contributions to the Next Up. Student Success! podcast and thanks Ms. White for collaborating to launch this new project. Stay tuned for the podcast's next episode in January 2021. 

November 15, 2020

Winter Break Writing Prep

One advantage of the pandemic is that students have a longer winter break...more time to work on their writing skills! In this episode, Ms. Theresa Street (Norfolk State University's new Writing Center Director) share tips and tools on fun ways to improve writing, including approaches that are not just about more writing. Tune in and join the #WordOfTheDay challenge (starting December 1)!    

November 8, 2020

Fall Ahead: Finals Prep

It's finals prep time, again. At Norfolk State University, the condensed fall 2020 semester ends in the next few weeks. In this episode, returning guest Dr. Rhonda Fitzgerald, a professor in the Mathematics Department, shares tips on how to #FocusToFinish strong. Whether you have final exams or final projects, her takes on study cycles, how to choose whether or not to take the pass / fail grade option and more are valuable.   

November 1, 2020

Meet The Provost

In summer of 2020, Norfolk State University welcomed a new Provost: Dr. DoVeanna Fulton. Dr. Fulton is a business trained academic and leader who is passionate about the pursuit of academic excellence and providing student experiences that help them develop knowledge and skills and learn about themselves. Tune in to meet one of the newest additions to our Spartan family!