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Tips, Tools and Takes on Academics

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June 28, 2020

Season One Wrap Up

The first season of Next Up. Student Success! encompassed many topics, discussions and guests. We officially launched on March 23, 2020 and hit the ground running ever since. In this episode, each of the three current producers reflects on their experience from Season One.

Today (June 28, 2020) we will talk about our favorite episodes from Season One. Let us know about yours! 

There are a lot of thank you for faculty and staff participants! And, thank you to all of our listeners! One of the most popular episodes from our first season was on finals preparation. We look forward to a new season with a continued focus on practical tips for each phase of each semester. 

Season Two starts on July 5, 2020.

June 21, 2020

Summertime: From Setbacks to Success

 Almost any experience in life can lead to learning lessons, including setbacks. Many times when people have a setback, the situation is not what stops them. What stops them is the inability or lack of motivation to find a way to overcome the situation. We are all human, so, setbacks happen.This episode delivers tips, tools and takes for turning current setbacks into future success. Our special guest is none other than Ms. Meshea K. Vann, the Director of NSU's Office of Transfer Admissions and Services. Tune in to hear Ms. Vann’s personal experience with a major setback and encouraging advice for following your dreams.  

June 14, 2020

LC Series: School Life Balance – Part 1

Welcome to the first episode of a special Learning Communities series focused on self-care. Produced and hosted by Ms. Angel Eason (with an assist from Dr. Mebane), this series features insights and advice on a variety of topics and success habits well-suited for the summer, when you have plenty of time to get started on the tips and tools for success before classes start in the fall. This episode focuses on a concept called the Superwoman Schema. In sum, research in social work and public health practice revealed the phenomena of women, especially women of color, feeling obligated to take care of everyone and be successful at everything, even when they are stressed and tired. This can be especially true for students who are supporting their families and focusing on college. Join us as Dr. Breshell Nevels, Master of Social Work Program Director, shares her take on this dynamic based on her expertise and experience. She follows up with a variety of tips for how students can take care of themselves, too.  

June 7, 2020

Meet the Faculty: Dr. Akomolafe on Mentoring and Engagement

College students preparing to be professional artists, scholars, business leaders, policymakers, etc. rely on faculty members to mentor them as they prepare to work within their particular fields. Some of our best role models for mentoring (specifically) and academic leadership (in general) are our department chairs. This episode features Dr. Olusoji Akomolafe, the Chair of Political Science Department at Norfolk State University. Dr. Akomolafe shares his take on mentoring, academic success within HBCU’s and the reward of seeing students excel. He also talks about his background and the importance of civic engagement.

NOTE: We know that many of us are grieving, angry and anxious due to the trauma of seeing and hearing about lives that were taken too soon by police brutality and racism. We love our community, so, we felt the need to connect this episode to current events sparked, in part, by the murder of George Floyd on Memorial Day, 2020.  United we stand. #BlackLivesMatter #KnowledgeIsPower