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Category: Education

Tips, Tools and Takes on Academics

(sponsored by the Office of Academic Engagement)

May 31, 2020

Summertime: Procrastination

Our success approach is to begin this series on starting success habits by focusing on a major one: procrastination. When thinking about a common that needs to be improved, procrastination is the first to come to mind and one of the most popular challenges among students. This episode features our first department chair: Dr. Larry Ferguson. As the chair for Secondary Education and School Leadership in the School of Education, Dr. Ferguson has wonderful advice for both faculty and students concerning how to keep students motivated and focused. Tune in to hear stellar advice for your journey of self improvement through Dr. Ferguson’s captivating narrative.

CORRECTION: Dr. Ferguson is the second faculty member from the School of Education to be featured on this podcast. Dr. Burwell ("Meet Learning Communities") is based in the department of Exercise Science in the School of Education. 

May 24, 2020

Summertime: Habits

Welcome to the start of our summertime episodes! Tune in each week to have some fun while we help you create or enhance great habits you can use when you return to the classroom. Effective (planning, study, time management, wellness, social, etc.) habits can help you succeed on campus, especially in classes. And, you shouldn't wait until 5th week or mid-term grades to put them into place. In this episode, we get you started on having a fun AND productive summer. 

May 2, 2020

Feature: A Tribute to May 2020 Graduates

This episode is a special and unique tribute to NSU's May 2020 graduates. For insight into the NSU experience, listen to inspirational and heartfelt thank you and congratulatory messages. As our Student Government Association emphasized this year, being at NSU is a family affair and these messages showcase that.

Guests May 2020 Graduates (in order) Linei Woodson, SGA President, 2019-20, Amari Holmes, Nile Price Ja'Quan Jones, Patsy Douglas, Elisha Chestnut, Kelvin Shubert, Lathea Robinson, Ceara Warren, Charmoni Turner, Devin Jefferson, Jacqueline Horton, Lakeshia Whitley, Shervonne Banks, Sharon Young, MSW and Tia Monet Flores. Office of Academic Engagement (in order of congratulations) Dr. Andrea Neal, Associate Vice Provost, Ms. Sheryll Heard, Mr. Theophilus Clark, Dr. Robin Marable, Ms. Carrie Brown, Ms. Kyra Amos and Ms. Angel Eason.

May 2, 2020

Feature: NSU SGA President 2019-20

The 2019-20 academic year was unique for many reasons, including and not only because of, the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the ups and downs of this semester, Norfolk State University students benefited from the exemplary leadership of this year's Student Government Association president, Ms. Linei Woodson. Ms. Woodson was a steady, strong and strategic advocate for the student body and never lost sight of the ultimate goal: to earn a degree. Join us for this special feature on Ms. Woodson as she talks about her experiences and legacy and shares a special message for the close of this academic year.  

May 1, 2020

Meet Learning Communities

If you don't know about learning communities, start with this episode. Meet coordinators, an engaged student and active faculty participants. Preview: These communities organize students in small groups with similar interests who live and learn together for the first year. Students are supported inside and outside the classroom with special activities, mentors and more. Learn more on the NSU website: Learning Communities. Guests Ms. Angel Eason, Learning Communities Program Coordinator Ms. Kiara Edge, undergraduate student Dr. Eriksen, professor and LC faculty liaison Dr. Burwell, faculty coordinator for an LC