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Category: Education

Tips, Tools and Takes on Academics

(sponsored by the Office of Academic Engagement)

April 30, 2020

Meet the Writing Center

Located on the first floor of the Lyman Beecher Brooks Library, the Writing Center is an invaluable resource for all NSU students. Whether consultants (or professional tutors) meet with students one-on-one or in groups as part of a class, they support the creation of content on all subjects, including resumes and scholarship applications. It this episode, we host several of the people who provide writing support services. Guests: Ms. Carrie Brown, Coordinator, Mr. Ahmasi O'Daniel, Consultant, Ms. Keela Boose, Consultant, Ms. Ramal Johnson, Consultant 

April 26, 2020

Meet the Student Success Center

One of Next Up's goals is to introduce students to the offices and other resources on campus that promote student success. This segment (a little longer than usual) is the first of an ongoing series of special episodes in which you meet faculty and staff who support academics. In this episode, we feature three fabulous guests, including Ms. Sheryll Heard, the Program Manager, Mr. Theophilus Clark, Associate Director of Learning Assistance Programs, and Ms. Khadijah Brown, Professional Advisor. Tune in to learn more about our stellar leadership teams and the valuable tools that the Center offer (with a focus on freshmen and sophomores). 

April 19, 2020

Spring Into: Finals Preparation

Preparing for final projects and exams is known to be one of the most stressful times in the semester for students. And, this semester has even more stressors because of COVID-19. This episode is geared to helping students succeed throughout this time. Dr. Rhonda Fitzgerald is an Associate Professor within the Mathematics department at Norfolk State University. Dr. Fitzgerald is a pro at flipping the classroom to teach college students and received her certificate for online teaching in December 2019. Tune into this session for motivation, tips and tools for ending the semester strong! 

April 12, 2020

Spring Into: Transitioning from Education to Occupation

One of the main objectives of college is preparation for the workforce. This episode encompasses the transitional period students experience from education to occupation. Listen in to our conversation with Ms. Alisha L. Bazemore, the Director of Career Services. Ms. Bazemore offers great advice on professionalism, networking and demeanor within the workplace. 

Special note: during this time of uncharted territory (covid19), you may encounter some sections of our sessions with a bad connection. Please be gracious during this time.

April 5, 2020

Spring Into: Teaching Online Classes

Professors are the backbone of students' academic experience. Whether on campus or online, they provide knowledge and skills that form the basis for jobs, careers, community service and more. This episode features our first full-time professor guest: Dr. Erica Russell, Associate Professor, Psychology Department. Dr. Russell shares some of her experience and lessons learned from teaching online classes that were not online classes and tips for good mental health.